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Homebuyers and tenants

Do you want to move but not sure where to start?

Maybe you need more space for your growing family, your employment has changed or your dream home has become too large and you need to scale down – whatever the reason, it is time for you to move on and you are not really sure of where to go or how to go about it. For some it is an extremely difficult change to make, there are a vast number of factors to take into consideration before you even attempt to physically move from one home to another.

First time buyers

Buying your first home has always been a daunting task, how do you know now is the right time for you? How much can you afford to spend, or rather how much you can afford to pay back.
Job security and future plans are just some of the issues that first time buyers have always faced but now there is the additional element of risk. Negative equity is a very real fear for first time buyers, the only way to avoid negative equity in the current market is to buy well and, where possible, to buy below current market values (BMV).

There has never been a greater need for first time buyers to seek independent advice on their purchase. With access to credit severely restricted, mortgage lenders are cherry picking the very best applicants and the very best properties. Once your finance is in place, Buyers Broker is the key to sourcing the right property at the right price.


There are many reasons why prospective home owners would consider building their own home, not least of all, because of the design freedom it affords or the end result – a home that suits the needs of the entire family.

It is also a more cost efficient way to acquire the home of your dreams. Building a new home is exciting but this can be stressful if you are experiencing difficulties finding the perfect site as this is really the most important decision to be made. As a general rule of design, the site comes first and the home plan evolves from the surrounding plot and landscape. Most other decisions throughout the building process will be dictated to some degree by local authority planning terms and conditions, budgetary restrictions or practical realities. Therefore, knowing what to look for in a potential site can save you time, expense and a great deal of frustration.

For buyers who are committed to building and creating their own ideal home, Buyers Broker Int. can help you work through the myriad of steps to be undertaken.


Sourcing a good investment deal is very different from sourcing property.

Most experienced buyers will know that a cheap property can be acquired cheaply in any market conditions; the skill for investors is to acquire a quality property cheaply. There is no magic shortcut to this, deals are generally created and not found ready packaged on property sales websites.

Buyers Broker Int. can help investors to fully research the area they intend to invest in and offer independent advice in terms of local market, rental demand, likely yields, local facilities and levels of industry or employment in the area. All of these factors go towards ‘future-proofing’ the investment insofar as possible. The team at Buyers Broker Int. are recognised experts in sourcing BMV, or below market value, properties. We do this by dealing directly with banks, insolvency practitioners and a range of other off-market sources. We offer investors unrivalled local knowledge, industry expertise and strategic guidance as they built their portfolios. Our motto is that ‘property is an expensive hobby’; if you are not prepared to manage your investment as a business, it might not be the investment class for you.


I cant explain how stress free and fun the experience actually was… I truly couldn’t have asked for more.

Caitriona, Blackrock

Our expert agents can save you time, money and stress on your property transaction.

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