Buyers Broker works with private investors, pension funds and owner-occupiers  who wish to secure quality commercial property

The commercial market in Europe has changed dramatically over the past five years. The days of a commercial investment being a steadfast, hands-off investment are gone. With unprecedented high levels of high business failures, greater levels of default and uncertainty of lease enforcement, many commercial investors are finding their portfolio drowning under the weight of poorly managed investments.

For investors looking to acquire new investments in the current market, the quality of the tenancy will prove the most challenging factor to get right. Strong deals are not found, but rather created. Buyers’ Broker agents can work with investors to help them put together the right package, depending upon their budget and requirements.

Popular investments in the current market involve business owners who wish to secure premises for leasing back to their own company. There has, arguably, never been a better opportunity for cash buyers to acquire quality premises at greatly discounted prices.

Our expert agents can save you time, money and stress on your property transaction.

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