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The Buyers’ Coach: Driving innovation within the Irish and UK property market

The Buyers' Coach

Over the past decade, the marketplace has changed dramatically and property services have failed to keep pace. There is greater access to information, greater transparency but, unfortunately for buyers, there is also greater competition for good value properties and less available credit. Unsavoury practices continue, the trust relationship between buyers, sellers and their respective agents/property advisors is being eroded daily. The reality is that buyers today expect and deserve more.


How The Buyers’ Coach can help

Coaching is different.

We understand that, for the majority of buyers, the decision to buy or trade-up/down, is usually triggered by some major life event. Many people start to think about a new home when their circumstances change in some way, for example, when they meet the person they wish to marry, or when they want to start or expand their family, or perhaps the decision is prompted by marital breakdown or a need to downsize for any number of reasons. Irrespective of the reason, the trigger has one thing in common – the intending buyer is already facing change and upheaval.

Buying a property has the potential to cause stress at any time and this is particularly true if you have other things going on at the same time, like planning a wedding or moving to a new area. People in this position will benefit greatly from the clarity that comes from the coaching process.

Similarly, property coaching is suitable for couples or joint buying parties who are struggling to agree on an actionable list of property criteria.


Coaching also works for property investors who are looking to build their portfolios and need help defining their long term goals and sticking to their plans or monthly steps to achieve this.

Our buyers’ coaches help aspiring property buyers and investors to figure out their genuine requirements based upon their budgets, their lifestyle considerations and, most importantly, their future plans and needs. By doing this, buyers can eliminate the struggle of chasing unsuitable and unlikely properties, and instead focus their efforts on securing the right home or investment at the right price.

This approach is very different to the current Irish and UK models where agents tend to ‘work for’ sellers and ‘sell to’ buyers. While buyers’ agents and brokers have improved the marketplace hugely for buyers in recent years, property coaching goes a step further by ‘working with’ the buyer to create the right mindset and environment for a successful purchase.

We recognise that no-one is more committed to buying well than buyers themselves so the role of the buyers’ coach is to facilitate this. We do this by deciphering the mountains of available data into relevant, actionable information that can be relied upon to shortlist the best properties from the right sellers. We educate and empower buyers to ask the right questions of sellers/estate agents, to understand the answers they receive and teach them to draw reasoned conclusions from that.

Please note this innovative service is not a property service but rather, it is a coaching programme where buyers are coached to make the right decisions for them, at the right time. If and when the decision to buy is made, buyers will be coached to carry out the research and negotiations themselves, with the support of their Coach.

For further details and hourly coaching rates, please contact us.

Our expert agents can save you time, money and stress on your property transaction.

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