About Us

Property Sourcing

Our team of experienced property researchers and negotiators ensure that you find a quality property, on or off-market, at the best possible price. Below market value (BMV) properties are our speciality.

Auction Bidding & Attendance

You have only one opportunity to get it right under the hammer. Don’t rely on proxy bidding through the auctioneer, Buyers’ Broker agents give you practical advice beforehand and independent bidding on the day, subject to your instructions.

Property Buyers Coach

Our non-sale, coaching approach is very different to the current UK model where agents, irrespective of whether they act for the buyer or the seller, tend to ‘sell to’ rather than ‘work for’ their clients.






As the only property professionals working exclusively for buyers, with a focus on market research and information, Buyers’ Broker agents have no vested interest in promoting any particular property. Our advice and reports are independent and tailored to each buyer.

Who are Buyers Broker?

Buyers’ Broker agents  have been the voice of property buyers in the media for the past decade. We champion the cause of buyers within the industry and lobby government for resolution of issues affecting all buyers. Unsavoury practices continue and the reality is that buyers today expect and deserve more – our mission is to make that happen.

As exclusive buyers’ agents, we recognise that no-one is more committed to buying well than buyers themselves so our role is to facilitate this. We break-down the mountains of available data into relevant, actionable information that can be relied upon to select the best properties from the right sellers. We educate and empower buyers to ask the right questions of sellers/estate agents, to understand the answers they receive and teach them to draw reasoned conclusions from that.

Our expert agents can save you time, money and stress on your property transaction.

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