Caitriona, Blackrock

I cant explain how stress free and fun the experience actually was… I truly couldn’t have asked for more.

Lynton, Carlow

It was a pleasure utilising the services of Buyers Broker who listened attentively to what I wanted to achieve and really understood my individual needs.

Mary, Tullow

I would recommend the services Buyers Broker to anyone looking to purchase a house. It saved me lots of worry, stress, time and money.

International Property Buyers Agents

As the only property professionals working exclusively for buyers, with a focus on market research and information, we have no vested interest in promoting any particular property. Our advice and reports are independent and tailored to each buyer.


Take the speculation out of property:  In the past poor buying decisions were masked by easy capital appreciation. This is no longer a reality for property buyers. In an uncertain market where further drops for many pockets around the country are inevitable, buyers have no margin for error. Whether you are a first time buyer, trading up or a seasoned investor – you need to buy right, first time and every time.


Buyers Broker agents works with private investors, pension funds and owner-occupiers  who wish to secure quality commercial property. Popular investments in the current market involve business owners who wish to secure premises for leasing back to their own company. There has, arguably, never been a better opportunity for cash buyers to acquire quality premises at greatly discounted prices.

Buyers Coach

Autumn 2015 will see the launch of the first telephone & on-line property coaching service to help aspiring buyers and investors to figure out their requirements based upon location, budget and lifestyle. This will be a no fuss, no sales, support service with no sign-up fees or contracts. Buyers will have access to independent, trustworthy property professionals and simply pay for the time used, as and when they need it.



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