There are many reasons why you might be considering downsizing and it doesn’t have to be as unappealing as it may seem. Downsizing could be the perfect opportunity for you to move into a home that is perfect for your family size now. A lot of people are choosing to downsize for many reasons and maybe it is time for you to consider it in 2020. 

A new home may be the answer to your prayers as you may be fed up with living in a big house that you don’t need anymore. With big homes comes a lot of commitment and in a lot of cases, these homes are expensive to keep running. If you move to a smaller property (and a newer build) you may save on heating and electricity bills and that’s not forgetting that selling a larger home for a smaller one will put some extra money into your pocket. 

From a financial standpoint, selling your home and moving to a smaller property will be a good move but unless you are moving to a property you want to move to these factors won’t matter. When you are moving house you need to make sure you are relocating to an area you like (or in the same area) and not secluding yourself from family or friends. If you have lived in a property for most of your life you probably have loads of memories and friends in the area so you need to consider this before you take the big step. Downsizing success only happens if those moving are fully informed about where they are moving to with the supports they need still in place. This includes having friends and family nearby, local doctors, shops and amenities that you are accustomed to. 

Downsizing also offers some benefits including lower maintenance as you should move to a property that requires little or no maintenance as this makes life easier. A larger home may have security worries but a smaller home may be safer and with less stress. When you move you can invest some of the saved money into smart technology to ensure you have security covered to alleviate any fears when you are moving house. 

Downsizing can be the best move for a lot of people but only if you are on board with the initial changes ahead. Don’t feel forced into moving if you feel it is not the right thing to do and before you make any decisions look at all the pros and cons. Pros may be saving money, better location or improved security but cons may be leaving an area you like, moving away from neighbours or upsetting family members who would prefer you to stay in the family home. 

Think about it and always seek advice when it comes to selling and buying property. 

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