Christmas is nearly here and we know how important planning the season is and you will want to make sure your home looks its best in the next couple of weeks before Christmas. There are quite a few Christmas trends to watch out for and though you may not have to go with them all they may give you some ideas. Here are some of the biggest Christmas trends for your home you need to know about if you are about to get decorating:

Colours – The traditional colours are a thing of the past as now festive colours could include silver, turquoise, purple, lilac and pinks too. They are a lovely change to the traditional red, gold and green but if you like tradition, stick with it. Some people are opting for blues for their Christmas tree decorations and it looks great with silver and white. 

Get into nature – As 2019 was such a huge year in terms of eco friendly and climate change it is not surprising that this year, nature is big for Christmas. We are talking about using natural decorations for the tables, buying recyclable wrapping paper or creating your own candle holders using holly or plants. Natural Christmas ornaments look great too and they are traditional but they never go out of date either.

Velvet – If you haven’t got any velvet cushions, Christmas is a great time to get some as they add some luxury to your home. There are so many to choose from and they can be Christmas themed or simply colours you like that go well with your theme. 

Lights and more lights – Lights are always an important part of Christmas and there are more and more choices in the shops so you can get everything you like within your budget. Choose tree lights that best match your theme as there are coloured lights, ice white and warm white to name a few. If you are popping lights outside your home be careful and don’t overdo it either as too much might look overcrowded. Again, pick a theme you like so your front garden isn’t confusing to the eye with too much going on. 

Go cosy – At a time when there will be more relaxing and enjoying watching TV you should make sure you have lovely throws, cushions and blankets on hand to get you into the mood. There are lots of options in the shops with Christmas themed accessories for your sitting room and get some candles, essential oils and LED lights to create a beautiful relaxing sitting area. 

Think creatively – You can buy pictures for Christmas that light up and you could replace them with your usual photo frames or pick out lovely table accessories for the dining table. Wall hangings are as cool as ever but Christmas themed ones are stunning and a great addition to any room. If you are feeling really adventurous you could add the Christmas theme to bedrooms with new sheets and covers as well as trinkets and ornaments. This makes your home a real Christmas palace!

Merry Christmas!

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