Staging your home is one of the most important parts of the selling process and it should be taken seriously. You would only have to spend half an hour on the property portals to recognise the need for home staging. Homes that are messy with little staging look drab and untidy whereas ones that have been staged properly look bright and tidy. In fact, it could be argued that the same home can look completely different with the right type of staging strategies. Don’t forget that the property online is the first thing a prospective buyer will look at and they will use this experience to decide if they will book a viewing or not. 

Most estate agents will be happy to advise you on the staging process and they should be supportive in your drive to ensure your home is brought to the market in the best way possible. There are also professional home stagers who will come into your home and make it as appealing to prospective buyers as possible. Your budget will dictate if you can or can’t afford a home stager but if you can’t there are some things you can do to make your home perfectly staged for every viewing. 

One simple way to consider when planning the staging of your home is to go around it and take photos, look at the walls, cupboards, doors and accessories in the rooms. Doing so will open your eyes to the room and show you how it looks on camera instead of waiting till the photos are online and feeling less than pleased at how they look. Make sure everything is tidy and forgetting simple things like leaving the toilet up can make a photo not look its best. 

Think about clutter as too many items (no matter how much you love them) is a big turn off as not everyone loves what you love. Take away all the ornaments and keep things as simple as possible with candles and photos to make the home look homely. Remember prospective owners will be coming to the property with a view to buy it and they’ll need room to vision their lives in the property. They can’t do that if it is overloaded with clutter. An illusion of space can be created with less items and empty out your wardrobes if you can to show space in them as most viewers will check the cupboards and wardrobes to get a proper look. 

Keep the entrance clear as some property owners forget to clean up the lawn or the pavement into their home. For photos, a clean and tidy entrance can make the main house photo a brilliant one. Pop flowers outside to brighten up the area and if your viewings are on during the winter add some lighting to the garden to create the winter ambience. 

When staging your home for photos you will need to make sure the floors are sparkling clean and if you have pets you may want to put them into care for a few hours so you can make the most of your home. Everything should sparkle so photos shine and make your home look professional. Clean out the cupboards, tidy up storage solutions and hoover the floors. If the carpets look less than clean then invest in some professional cleaning services to make the most of the staging process. 

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