People are having to go to greater lengths than ever before to protect their home and with a huge amount of smart security technology it is getting easier to keep your home safe. However, there is an expense when it comes to protecting your home from crime and depending on the home you live in you might need more security than needed in other areas. This is certainly something to consider when you are considering buying a new home but every household should understand how to keep their home safe with or without smart technology. Here are some tips:

Don’t tell the world when you are away – With Christmas coming it is easy to do the usual social media posts about travelling abroad or visiting family. Of course, you want people to know you are doing ‘this and that’ but stop short of letting people know when your home will be empty. If you want to tell the world about what you did over the holidays wait till you are back in your home and not before. 

Keep an eye – Neighbourhood watches are a great way to keep an eye on properties when people are away or simply at work. If you don’t have an official neighbourhood watch, reach out and ask the neighbours to help each other. Repay the favour for when others are away and by doing so, you will leave you and your neighbours at less risk of crime occurrences. If you have young kids playing outside, talk to them about strangers and tell them to come in if they notice any unfamiliar cars/vans on the road. Get your neighbours phone numbers and pop them into your phone so you can contact them quickly if you need to tell them about a suspicious vehicle in your area. 

Invest in security – There are lots of options when it comes to home security with video doorbells, CCTV and cameras connected to your smartphone. Home alarms have long been a source of comfort to those who want more home security and usually a dog is a good deterrent – but don’t get a dog just for this reason! You can have a gorgeous pet dog that still will bark his/her head off if people come looking for trouble. Install outside lights and don’t go to bed without activating your home alarm!

Think smart – It is easy to leave back doors unlocked or windows open but you need to be careful especially in the darker evenings. If you get a knock on the door make sure you have your back door locked and keep valuable items in safe locations away from view. Don’t keep large amounts of money in your home and don’t leave valuable items in your car either (especially in the run up to Christmas) as this is the time to be more careful. Don’t answer your door if you don’t feel safe to do so though most of the time they are salespeople it is better to be safe than sorry. Most importantly, don’t do the usual thing of leaving a key under a mat or a plant for a family member or friend to access no matter what the situation. Instead if you must leave it with a neighbour or friend. 

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