Technology Free Tuesdays

After nearly a decade in business, the newness is gone.  The initial excitement and hunger has been replaced with expertise and reputation.  Now that might sound like a good thing but in reality, that reputation was built upon our initial hunger and willingness to always go a step further and do what others would not or could not do.  That was our USP.  As a company (and an industry come to think of it), we are in danger of losing our competitive edge.  We are a truly and objectively brilliant property company, brilliant because of the way we create new solutions to worn out property problems and allow ourselves to learn every day.  We must continue to be brilliant in order to serve our clients well.

General busyness interferes with creativity and that creativity, coupled with a sustained passion for the industry, is the only way that we know to succeed.  It has been an unprecedentedly turbulent decade for the global property markets.  The industry was fighting for survival.  Opportunities for much-needed change were passed by, which is as frustrating for professionals as it is for consumers.  Now that the marketplace is steadying itself, new opportunities are starting to present themselves.  We cannot allow busyness to standing the way of meaningful progress.  For this reason, we are adopting  company-wide Technology Free Tuesday policy for the month of February.  What this means is that every Tuesday, no member of this business will use mobile phones, laptops, ipads, TV, internet or emails (except in genuinely emergencies).  Land-line phones will still be operational for clients and internal communications but that’s it.

For Buyers Broker International, Tuesdays this month will be about problem solving, dreaming and innovating.  If you are a client, believe us when we say that you will want this from us!


Keep calm and Log off Technology Free Tuesday

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