Guest blog post by Brian Flanagan, Financial Planner

Have you a life cover, mortgage protection or serious illness policy? Or are you considering taking one of these out? Well you will be glad to know that there is a far more cost effective way of doing so. When you get a quote from a bank or life company in Ireland, nearly all will include upfront commission to the broker with some form of renewal also paid. This may mean an increase of 10-15% or more in your monthly premiums, which when you consider that the average policy is written over 20 years plus, can mean quite a substantial extra cost on the policy owner.

So how can I avoid this?

Flanagan Financial Planning is currently offering clients the following options in relation to these policies. Pay a once off fee of €500, in total, for the setting up and guidance through the application process of the plan and we will take no upfront commission whatsoever, or, pay no fee to us but we will only take 50% of the upfront commission on offer from the already most competitive quote on the market.

For example, take married couple John aged 42 and a non-smoker, and Jules aged 40 and a non-smoker, both in good health and accepted at standard rates based on their application form. They are about to buy a house for €240,000 and require a mortgage protection over 25 years to cover this loan. The best quote on the market is €49 per month, but after speaking with Flanagan Financial Planning and requesting they take only 50% commission, the premium reduced to €42pm, a saving of €2,100 over the term of the plan.

For larger premiums, the savings will be far more significant. To hear more about this offering from Flanagan Financial Planning and see can they help you save money, contact Brian on 0469543464 or 0861990747 at any time, or alternatively email him on

Flanagan Pensions and Investments Ltd t/a Flanagan Financial Planning is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as a multi-agent intermediary.

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