Through our recent Take Me Home initiative, we have been working with many Dublin residents, potential property buyers,  all manner of property professionals and local authorities  to see how we can make city living more affordable and accessible to the next generation.  We looked at creative use of currently unused spaces, like infill sites, disused subterranean public bathrooms and derelict handball alleys.  On these unusual sites, we considered a variety of permanent and temporary dwellings, including converted shipping containers. One of the more interesting proposals, put forward by innovative architectural firm, Ceardean Design & Construction, is the notion of allotment homes, which are currently used internationally but not in Ireland – yet!  Have a look at the video below and send us your thoughts, ideas and comments… all input appreciated.  Also, we already have a number of potential occupants of these homes and we would love to hear from other interested city dwellers.



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 Allotment homes – brownfield sites in transition

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