Property owners are reminded that today is the deadline for making a paper return to the Revenue Commissioners in respect of the local property tax (LPT). Revenue will accept any returns with a postdate stamp up to, and including, today.

The deadline for on-line returns and electronic payment is the 28th May – just three weeks from today. Any homeowner who wishes to file their return on-line should go to the Revenue website and click onto the LPT section and login using their property ID number or pin, as appears on the letter already issued. If you have not received ay letter, please do not think that the tax does not apply. Instead, use the ‘I did not receive…’ option at login stage. Do ensure that you have all details to hand, so if you wish to pay in stages, have your bank details handy. Similarly, if you wish to have the tax deducted from your wages or pension, have your employee number with you. The process should take approximately 3/4 minutes. Please note that the Revenue site is down for technical reasons for approximately 30 minutes per day, if you are unlucky enough to try to access it during this time, simply leave it for half an hour and try again.

Many people appear to have received two letters or perhaps both owners of the same property were charged separately. If this has happened to you, it is your responsibility to contact the Revenue and make them aware of the error so that it can be corrected. Once correctly, obviously only one charge will be payable.

Defaulters will be identified in early June and subsequently notified that the tax will be effectively seized, in the amount specified in the original tax letter from the Revenue to the homeowner. Please note that the Revenue Commissioners are also tasked with collecting any outstanding household charges.

The Revenue Commissioners have a special LPT helpline 1890 200255, which will be active 12 hours a day for the next month to support homeowners who experience any difficulties in making their payments. Alternatively, queries can be emailed directly to Remember to be patient, apparently calls over the bank holiday weekend totaled almost 5,000!

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