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This is a great initiative and one that I genuinely hope catches one.  If successful, we would like to see other rural council councils offering similar services.  It will require employer flexibility and committment but, to my mind, offers a workable alternative to commuting – please support it.

I hear that Westmeath County Council is proposing to set up an e-working station at the county buildings whereby commuters could save a lot of money by doing their job from Mullingar via a remote desktop.

As it stands many people in Mullingar (and elsewhere) are spending up to 25 hours a week just travelling to work in the capital Monday to Friday. Yes, stress. I can picture it now, faces pressed against the glass at Enfield train station, trapped like sardines, followed by that brisk walk up O’Connell Street. Meandering between the cracks in the pavement and the oncoming human traffic. The head is held mostly down with a permanent frown, that way nobody is going to mug me or ask for directions, God forbid.

And all this is only preparation for that experience that the average 30 year old commuter knows only too well… the office. And the permanent frown is a good preparation, unless you are blessed with that almost unknown commodity, the nice boss.

And it is a virtually unknown commodity. Bosses by nature just aren’t nice are they? Even their hello isn’t nice. It’s kind of to get you in the right frame of mind for the rest of your day in the boss’s company (no pun intended!). And they’re not really going to thank you for getting here either.

It’s not going to be like. “Well hi Michael, I would like to personally like to thank you for overcoming the morning obstacles of an unearthly rising time, a scanty and rushed breakfast, followed by head-wrecking discomfort and stress on the train, that is if you are lucky enough to travel by train”.

But Westmeath County Council have searched deep inside their hearts and their bank accounts and sought to help the plight of the common man (or woman). The plain man of the street who tries to make an honest living. But they’re great these men and women. Pillars of society. And they do it all for the love of their family, Jesus and heck maybe even Elvis, the pope or de Valera.

But what really motivates these people to endure such hardship for paltry money after travel expenses have been deducted. Jesus, it’s got to be self hatred or something. In that case the e-working centre could become a sort of therapy room where someone asks you on the way into the centre, “now that you are not inflicting this torture of commuting on yourself, how does it make you feeeeeel ? Maybe this e-working station is just a kind of band aid over the cut without addressing the real issue, do you think so?

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