Thank you to a kind gentleman called Liam from the National Property Services Regulatory Authority who took the time to clarify their position regarding the national property price register:-

– Extract from the Minister for Justice and Equality appearance at the Dáil
Select Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality on amendments to the
Property Services (Regulation) Bill 2009 (full debate available here =>

“To address this issue, amendment No. 19 gives the PSRA the statutory
function of publishing residential property sales prices and amendment No.
17 inserts a new section 86, which will contain more detailed provisions.
Section 86(1) will provide for the maintenance and publication by the
authority of the particulars of residential property sales prices,
including addresses, prices paid and dates of sale. The published data will
not contain the vendors’ names. Section 86(2) will provide that the data
may relate to sales that have taken place prior to the enactment of this
legislation. Section 86(3) will require the authority to make the data
available to the public free of charge on its website.”

Section 86 of the Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011, which, subject
to commencement, provides the legal basis on which this Authority will
produce the property price register.

86.—(1) The Authority shall, as soon as is practicable after the
commencement of this section, maintain and publish particulars of
residential property sales prices in the State, including—
(a) the address of the property,
(b) the price at which the property was sold, and
(c) the date of the sale of the property.

(2) The particulars referred to in subsection (1) may, at the Authority’s
discretion, relate, whether in respect of all residential properties in the
State or a class of such properties, to sales of properties over a period
of time, including a period of time which has elapsed before the
commencement of this section.

(3) The Authority shall make the particulars referred to in subsection (1)
available for inspection free of charge by any person on its Internet
website in such a manner that the section of the website which contains the
particulars is readily accessible by members of the public.

Note: (not part of the Act) Address will include full details including
house/apartment number or name, where available, to identify to the
greatest extent possible the property in question.

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