Allsop Space Nov11 Auction Results

Congratulations to the Allsop Space team for yet another successful day at auction. Just over 100 of the 112 lots on offer sold (two sold after the auction) and the maximum reserve prices were exceeded by 28% on average.

In total, €11.4 million worth of Irish properties sold in just under six hours to mainly cash buyers.

It was interesting to see that, once again apartments in the city center fared well and exceeded the reserve prices, whereas quality family homes struggled to achieve a sale. This is particularly true of more rural properties.

Best buy of the day. to my mind, was 28 Grove Park, Rathmines, Dublin 6, which struggled to make the reserve of €380,000. This property would have easily fetched €1.5 million in better days. At this price, the property makes an ideal investment (currently laid out in multi-units) but also has potential as a family home – congratulations to the successful bidder!

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