Allsop Space discounted property auction

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There is just one day to go before Allsop Space kicks off its largest BMV multi-lot auction on Wednesday morning at The Shelbourne Hotel Dublin. Take a look at the properties listed.

Prior due diligence

Buyers Broker can assist potential bidders with the steps that must be undertaken and the checks that should be carried out prior to the auction. If you would like our assistance call us on 01-442 8035 or read some of our articles on Irish Property Auctions from our website or blog.

Proxy bidding

We also offer attendance and bidding services to buyers who are unable or unprepared to attend the auction themselves. If you would like us to bid on your behalf you can contact us on 01-442 8035 or download our proxy bidding form


Best of luck to bidders, particularly our auction training clients – I look forward to seeing all that research and hard work pay off!

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