Below is a very interesting blog post for residential investors, kindly shared by Margaret Lyons of Profitable Lettings.

Pre Maintenance Preparation for a Profitable Let
Posted on July 11, 2011 by Profitable Lettings

Preventative Maintenance Tips

I’m a big believer in staying ahead of the game whenever possible for your own residential property, rentals and investment property.

I recommend you leave in your kitchen pantry some spare light bulbs, regular and bathroom type, vac bags, vac belts and a multi head screw driver. Leave a small step ladder hung on the utility room wall.

For your interior walls,a large can of interior wall paint that matches exactly your interior walls and replace it when it starts to get thick. WRITE THE PAINT COLOUR CODE in marker on the cans. So, your maintenance person knows exactly what colour to get. (Please note there are as many as 40 shades of cream so it’s important to know which shade it is that you’re ordering).

Ensure for rentals that tenants are aware of the mains water tap which can be turn off or in case of emergency!

Allow for security checks for gates, fences, all entrance doors and house alarm.

Around November

Change all the battery back-ups in the smoke detectors in November as we have many of our power cuts throughout the summer. Get them to check all the spot lights if required at the same time. Change the entrance light bulb and lube all door hinges and locks. Think about changing as many bulbs as possible to the long life ones that cost more but last about seven years and use less energy. Check the north side of the home for pressure cleaning etc. READ MORE…

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