The Advisory Group on Unfinished Housing Developments, which was set up last November to come up with plans for the completion or resolution of the country’s ghost estates, issued its draft report this morning (Friday 18th February).

This report recommends immediate action to deal with 348 developments nationwide that have an occupancy level of less than 50%, which have been identified as being in need of urgent work.

There are concerns that issues like uncovered manholes, open pits and potentially unstable buildings could pose a public safety hazard so €5 million in funding has been allocated councils to address safety issues in Ireland’s ghost estates.

The funding will average at about €14,000 per estate and will be used to remedy the most immediate problems. Cork County Council has the highest number of problem estates, but the most pronounced issues are identified in the midlands and border areas.

This will come as a welcome relief to existing homeowners in these estates but it will undoubted lead to opportunities for buyers and current house-hunters. If buyers are investigating any particular development, please email us on for further information.

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