There’s an interesting piece in the Sunday Business Post today by Michelle Devane, ‘Secrecy sells at the top of a market’, where she talks about the off-market property scene in the Dublin 4 area. Of course, this is happening nationwide and it is not just a recent phenomenon, this has always been the preferred method of selling property in Ireland. It is not always possible but it is usually preferable.

Off-market sales, cash purchases and lack of a national property price register in Ireland has distorted media commentary in the past so it is great to see the off-market purchases being acknowledged publicly.

There are many reasons for off-market sales, financial distress, marital breakdown or a change in personal circumstances to mention but a few. Buyers should not be put off pursuing alternative routes to finding their ideal home or investment. Remember, as a rule of thumb, only approximately 70 per cent of AVAILABLE property at any given time is marketed publicly through estate agencies, the remaining 30 per cent is off-market may be found through a variety of sources, ranging from insolvency practitioners or probate solicitors to exiting investors. Savvy buyers hoping to land a bargain in the current climate will find it necessary to cast their nets a bit wider than the local auctioneer’s window or!

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