As a buyers broker company, we are not in the business of property sales, but like every other commercial entity out there, we ARE in sales. Every day we sell our time, expertise and position in the market. We sell the vision that we hold strong and the many years that we spent achieving all of this. While being profiled for a property publication lately, the journalist struggled to rationalize our take on the current market as it was “not indicative of the market of a whole” and I genuinely believe that it was the proudest moment of my career so far!

We had never really articulated it but this journalist was entirely correct. Buyers Broker is the exception to the established property “rules”, working for buyers only instead of traditional selling. The properties we source are the exception to the rule in terms of value (if you, as a buyer, pay market value then we would have failed in our duty to you). As a result, our clients are the exception to the so-called normal profile of buyers.

I think it comes back to the herd mentality and when we move against the herd, it confuses the mainstream. But confusion among the general masses can a good thing for learned, focused buyers. It decreased competition for opportunities but it also enables those remaining buyers to recognise the right opportunity when it comes.

So, yes, we are the exception and that is not going to change, regardless of market trends. To quote Warren Buffet: “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful…”

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