“We had already had a few houses fall through before [Buyers Broker] got involved so we were quite nervous about doing all of this again … we are now one of the extremely fortunate couples who are still sitting in a house with positive equity”

Niall & Fiona, Tullow

Myself and my husband met Carol through a friend a few years ago and subsequently met her once or twice over the following year before actually realising what it was she did from 9-5(and into the early hours as it would turn out). We had started looking at houses long before this and were quite frustrated already, between trying to get the mortgage and shop within a budget we didn’t even know yet was just awful.

Everyone will tell you it’s “grand once you get started” but in my opinion the “getting started” is the sticking point. So once Carol got talking to us it seemed to become a manageable rota. Carol put us first and foremost in touch with a broker in Dublin, now living in Carlow you would think hiking to Dublin would be stressful, we didn’t have to at all. Even the life assurance broker drove to us to complete paperwork and decide on a package because we were both working long hours and might i point out that this was offered to us, we didn’t ask for it. They were so accommodating.

Niall & Fiona, Tullow

Shortly after this we were given the news that our bank had backed out the day before we were due to sign with them, it was very surreal, the phone-call came from Louise who was as upset as I was, but as this was almost 9pm I knew she had been doing her best since the close of business that very day to explore other options for us and by 11am the following day we had our mortgage(thanks to Permenant TSB ). The bank in question ceased to exist after that, first signs of the storm yet to come for the housing market in Ireland ( Nov. 2008).

So here we were ready to go. Roll in carol with a house to view, now we had already had a few houses fall through before carol got involved so we were quite nervous about doing all of this again understandably. We met Carol at the address, opposite a house we had had a deposit on a year earlier, end of terrace, 3 bed house. We were about to view a 3 bed mid terrace priced for a quick sale. We got it in the end for a reduced price without, and this is still something I giggle about to this day, without so much as opening our mouths except to say “sold”. I kid you not.

This is now 2010 and we all know the situation of the housing market and we are one of the extremely fortunate couples who are still sitting in a house in positive equity. Now I know I haven’t mentioned Buyers Broker much here but I can assure you Carol was with us every step of the way! Midnight texts, midday worries, contract worries, viewing tips that turned into her coming along(I was pro-active in finding houses I liked the look of and carol would research details and area and contact auctioneers on our behalf).

Finally, if I can point out on a more personal note that my partner got ill a while after all of this and one of the first visits we had was from carol who arrived out of genuine concern when she knew he wouldn’t be working for a while and she took time out of her working day(almost the whole day) to help us understand what we could do mortgage wise and get sound and honest advice, Carol was always available and that’s the service we received from Buyers Broker!

Niall & Fiona, Tullow

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