The ‘Second Home’ tax that isn’t

If you owned a residential property, which was not your principal private residence, on the 31st March 2010, you are liable to pay a tax of €200 on or before the 31st May 2010. This payment may be made electronically at and owners should note that late fees of €20 apply monthly thereafter. Allowing for a period of one months grace, local authorities have been issued a mandate to vigorously collect any outstanding taxes and have the power to prosecute non-payers.

Crucially, owners should disregard notices that refer to this as a ‘second home’ tax. Any residential property that you do not ordinarily live in will attract liability. For example, this tax applies to struggling homeowners who have had to rent out their only property to pay the mortgage while they return to their parents nest or to those homeowners who found it necessary to relocate for work and are renting dreary apartments while their tenants enjoy the three bed semi in the suburbs.

There are limited exceptions for homeowners in the process of trading up or down who find themselves owning two properties simultaneously so do consult your conveyancing Solicitor to clarify contract dates etc.

Also, most landlords operating under the RAS are exempted from this tax but clarify with your local Council to ensure that your particular property qualities for an exemption.

For buyers, it is worth noting that this tax applies to the property, not just the person, as such, new homeowners may find themselves liable for outstanding tax and penalties so we urge buyers to clarify this prior to completing contracts for sale.

If in doubt, contact for information or with any individual queries.

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